Best Nikon D3500 lenses for Everyday Photography

Whether you’re an experienced photographer or a novice enthusiast, chances are high that you’ve heard about the Nikon 3500 camera. It’s one of the most innovative DSLR cameras that come with so many appealing features.

Nikon D3500 lenses

You can easily transform your photography tenure using this amazing camera. However, you ought to pick an ideal lens for this DSLR to make the most out of your photography. Here are top two Nikon D3500 lenses for everyday photography.

Nikon 18-55 mm lens

The lens delivers a great output quality for standard use. As a novice, you can use it without any sort of issue. Whether you want to capture a family photo or shoot landscape pictures, the lens just fits perfectly to serve you.

With a constant aperture of F2.8, the 18-55 mm makes an ideal choice for users of all levels and experience. Above all, it comes with a smaller price tag to suit the budget of all classes of photography enthusiasts.

Nikon 50mm F1.8G

Marketed as the best portrait lens for Nikon D3500, the 50mm F1.8G lets you shoot high resolution images. The lens is sharp enough even at an open aperture of F1.8. You can snap tack sharp pictures all the time. Chromatic aberrations as well as distortions are well-controlled.

Also, the lens is pretty light in weight, making it ideal for carrying to places where you need to work longer. The focus speed of the lens is really fast. You can also fine tune your AF adjustment, if you want, with the 50mm F1.8 G lens.

Nikon D3500 bundle

Nikon D3500 bundle deal

Choosing the right lens for Nikon D3500 can be a chore, thanks to so many lenses out there. However, you can ease your chore by acting wisely. Just check out the popular Nikon D3500 bundle deals for everyday photography lenses include in a package. With handy information on your side, picking the right lens is no longer an issue.

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