Canon 70D Lenses To Purchase In 2018

If your quest is for shooting intriguing videos, chances are the Canon 70D will help you get the best result. It comes with a nineteen focus point, weather sealing, a flip-out screen, full HD 1080p video and a 20.2-megapixel image sensor. Below are some of the best Canon 70D lenses to buy in 2018.

Canon 18-135mm f/3.5-5.6 IS STM

Best Canon 70D LensesThis is one of the top lenses for Canon 70D with heavier features than other products. One unique thing about this lens is that it provides users large range. It remains an attractive option suitable for the Canon 70D camera when considering both video prowess and mid-range capabilities. This is because the lens comes with continuous live focus, quietness and sharp image quality.

The 18-135mm is capable of adding an extra option that remains suitable for the 55-250mm STM. For this option, you will have to pay an extra of one hundred and fifty dollars. The large range feature of the lens is beyond anticipation and can provide quality images without stress. If you are looking for a large range lens with beautiful attractive features and suitable for Canon 70D, then give the 18-35mm a try.

Canon 18-55mm f/3.5 IS STM

The 18-55mm comes with an excellent and classic video quality. It weighs around 7.3 Oz and isn’t a normal kit lens. When compared to the older editions, the lens provides a stunning and sophisticated optical quality. The STM unique technology provides a smooth and brilliant autofocus. This will help you to get the best video outcomes.

While it may not be a one-in-all lens, you can always buy the product at a less price. For a walk around lens, it remains a handy and better option. The lens is designed to unleash complete STM features. This will help you achieve the best coverage as required. Nevertheless, it is the best and most reliable Canon 70D lens within a great buying range.

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